Why high end

Why High End Furniture Hire Is Necessary To Sell Your Property

Here at Zenza we believe that price doesn't always dictate quality and visa versa, but something we are sure of is that hiring high end and quality furniture for your properties sale is an absolute necessity.

Property styling usually has one goal at hand – to present your property in the best manner possible to ensure the best sale price on sale day, and simply put, low quality furniture will not cut it - even if it's done by a property styling specialist.

The results will speak for themselves so here at Zenza we've compiled the two different scenarios that can come from property styling – We think we know which one you'll prefer.

Property Styling With Your Standard Run of The Mill Furniture

You think you've done the right thing by going to a property stylist because you're aware of all the benefits that will be experienced by doing so.

You're aware that spending a couple thousand dollars really could be the difference between your house sitting on the market for 30 days or 90 days but still that price tag seems too much - you decide to go the cheaper route.

You choose to hire from a cheap property stylist, one who doesn't guide you through your property styling and just says add this furniture to your property and finishes their conversation with the cliché – you'll be fine.

You're probably concerned that this isn't the best way to go about your property styling but the price tag blinds you. You choose this route anyway.

The furniture arrives at your property and without the guidance of a true professional you start placing your cheaply hired furniture anywhere that fits or makes the slightest sense to you, You're now ready to get your property photographed and listed on the market.

15 days pass and you're lucky to get 2 people through a week, 30 days pass and the same pattern continues and still no offers and finally 90 days pass – you're still on the market with no offers and your Real Estate agent is explaining to you that you need to lower your asking price because the offers just aren't there.

Worst of all though - you've spent 3 extra mortgage repayments on a property you no longer want.

Finally 100 days pass, you get an offer $10,000 under your reserve but you know a fourth complete mortgage repayment isn't really in your budget, so you accept it, cut your losses and move on.

Property Styling With High End and Quality Furniture

You've received a referral from a friend about a great property styling company who managed to assist them in getting their property sold in record time for a higher price then their reserve - it all sounds great.

You pick up the phone; dial and you start talking to your property stylist. Everything you're hearing from the company sounds great. You invite them over to come have a further look at your property so you can make your next decision.

Your property stylist starts to explain to you how to look at your home as an object and really break it down to you how to make property styling work for you. They even go further to explain their grand visions for your home and you're excited, truly excited.

It comes time to talk price and furniture and you become hesitant.

You start to think, "what if this is out of my budget?" or "do I even need this service?” but you hear your friends voice in your head “we got higher than our reserve price, it was the best investment we made”.

You bite the bullet and you enthusiastically hire your new property stylist who specializes in high-end furniture.

Your property is styled in the most immaculate way possible, you see your property truly come alive for the first time and you can see how it now appeals to so many different groups of buyers and even your Real Estate agent wonders why you want to sell this beautiful home.

The property is finally listed with your professional photographs showcasing your high-end furniture and the enquiries come flooding in.

You're not even two weeks on the market and you're having offers above your reserve price - you can't believe it.

Auction day comes and the bidding war is fierce - people of all demographics are eagerly awaiting the chance to own your beautiful home. The auction comes to an end after 20 minutes and you've sold for $20,000+ over your reserve price.

You're left speechless and can't believe what has just happened, you may even book a holiday with your extra money or buy a new car.

Which Scenario Would You Prefer?

It may seem blatantly obvious which scenario is the better one but for many first time home sellers with zero experience and who don't understand the benefits in property styling with high end furniture hire - it just isn't.

Zenza specializes in property styling for all properties and budgets but with each property they style, there is one focus – use only the highest quality furniture for their property styling and deliver the best sale price for their clients.

Enquire with Zenza today on how to best display your property and achieve the best sale price possible for your property.