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What’s Trending For Melbourne Home Stylists In 2014? The Top 3

At Zenza we understand that all trends in interior design will come and go, that’s why we always like to include vintage and antique furniture pieces in our designing but we also understand that these trends can’t be ignored.

Just like in fashion, cars and even music – there will be undeniable trends that fleet through to the mass markets and will cause a stir and like in other facets of life, interior design is no stranger to trends.

The question is though – What is trending in Melbourne homes for 2014 and what can you incorporate into your property to be up to date with the latest fashions?

1. Reclaimed Timber Headboards

A huge trend we’re seeing come to light in modern interior design of 2014 is the use of “reclaimed timber head-boards”. If you’re not sure what a reclaimed timer headboard is – it’s just that.

Think recycled timber being turned into fresh new masterpieces to be utilized as a headboard for the Melbourne homes master bedroom.

They’re great for multiple reasons – benefits the environment by the use of recycled goods, allows for some creativity and freedom that may not come with your standard in-built headboard bed and most of all – it just looks great.

2. Geometric Styling

Another trend we’re seeing come through in a lot of Melbourne home stylists work this year is the use of Geometric patterns in their stylings.

The use of geometrics throughout a property really has the potential to “wow” anyone who comes through your doors and can be used in so many ways.

Whether or not it’s in-built through the use of a wall insert like seen in this years ‘The Block’ Australian Block winners – Steve & Chantelle’s property was one to remember and that bedroom was one for the records.

Even if it’s simply the tiles in your shower or simpler even; the rug under your couch - geometric patterns can really be used in almost any room of your property to help with that “wow” factor - we’re sure this is one trend we will see sticking around for years to come.

3. Tan Leather

The third and final trend for 2014 that we’re seeing a lot of is the use of tan leather in the Melbourne home.

Tan leather furniture being used in the modern property is something that can’t be ignored and there’s many reasons why:

  • It’s not as harsh or as bold as black or white leather meaning it will be more versatile and can be utilized in more than one setting.
  • Tan leather can be used to either make a statement or alternatively, be able to tone down a room due its neutral nature.
  • Very easy to style around with throw rugs, pillows or furniture accessories such as lamps.

However you wish to look at it tan leather is here to stay in Melbourne homes for 2014 and is a style that can be styled to suit any demographics needs and wants.

Which Style Is For You?

This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself but if you find yourself unsure, as always the friendly and experienced team here at Zenza will only be an email or phone call away.

Arrange a property styling appointment and Zenza will be able to assist you in figuring out which hot Melbourne home stylist trend for 2014 will be suited for you and your humble abode.