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What Does An Interior Stylist Melbourne Actually Do?

There is definitely a misconception around doing “work” and being “creative”. The majority of the population don’t seem to truly believe they can go hand in hand.

This is most definitely false. Unfortuantely for a lot of people who may just clock in and clock out for a pay cheque, they tend to believe that for “creatives” like painters, photographers and even interior stylists – what they do isn’t actually work and may not justify the price tags they charge.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as while the creative types may enjoy the majority of their work, there is definitely plenty of “work” involved; especially to get to a position where they can charge enough to make a living from.

This leaves the majority asking the question “what does an Interior Stylists Toorak even do if it’s not just placing pretty pillows on a couch?”


Pre-Plan and Design

Every project has to have a starting point.
You will not just end up with the most perfect looking interiors by just walking into a store and picking out A, B & C.

Every interior stylist will need to take the time to pre-plan and design what the finished project will look like before even thinking about where to get the products from or the perfect placements for those pretty pillows.

This is the creative process at hand and it all stems from a little bit of their mind but also from a lot of their clients requests.

Remember, while they get to be creative within their work, they generally are working towards one goal – client satisfaction and that can create limits and actually make it feel like work - crazy huh?


Sourcing Products (Furniture, Décor, Lighting etc.)

Now this doesn’t sound too creative does it?

Once the interior stylist South Yarra has gone through the lengthy process of planning and designing the general direction of how the properties interior will look and feel – they now actually need to find those products to fulfill the vision, not an easy task by any means.

Constant phone calls and emails back and forth with suppliers, looking for the highest quality products but staying within client budget, spreadsheets of costing’s, check lists of products gathered, running in and out of stores – it really starts to become a lot of work, truly.

More Than Just Product Placement

You know that feeling when you find yourself walking through a display home or sale property and it gives you those feelings of warm and creates the emotion inside that you may actually want to live there one day and it’s no longer a house but a home? That’s no accident.

That’s an interior stylist Ivanhoe doing their job perfectly.

You see while they want to create an aesthetically pleasing property for you to view, they also want to create those feelings inside that make you want to purchase the property and one day call it your home. Sounds a bit harder now doesn’t it?


Photographing Rooms/Homes

And lastly, if it’s not a display home or a house ready for sale for you to walk through just yet, they’ll be taking photos for catalogues and brochures.

It’s the interior stylist Melbourne’s job to turn those rooms into saleable photographs that create emotion through just a simple photo.

This is not an easy task - especially when doing a whole catalogue or brochure for a client, that’s a lot of brain work and then some.


It’s Not as Easy as it Looks

Now you have a little understanding of what an interior stylist actually goes through on a day to day basis.

As you can see it’s not just a simple job of being creative and playing with pretty pillows all day. This is why an interior stylist will always be needed within the property and design industry and be worth their weight in gold.

If you now know an interior stylist Melbourne is what you need, get in-touch with Zenza today to discuss all your interior or property styling needs.