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Ready to Start Property Styling Melbourne? Your Client and Stylist Relationship Checklist

Ready to jump in and start your property styling Melbourne to get your property selling for best price in the market possible? Great.

But before you do we’d like you to take a few small details into consideration. Some key points that most service based businesses need to bare in mind when conducting business, especially for those smaller, more personal services.

Lets face it - no one likes to work with people they don’t like, period.

Not to say it doesn’t happen for the sake of a few dollars here and there but when picking your property stylists there’s a few things Zenza would like to remind you to keep in mind when deciding on your property styling South Yarra.

Property styling is a relationship and to have the perfect client / stylist relationship these are the key factors to keep in mind when deciding who to choose.


Project Excitement

This should be the biggest factor for yourself when deciding who is the perfect property stylist for your home.

If your stylist isn’t as enthusiastic about your home and styling as you, if not more - then you’re in trouble. If they’re not excited, they won’t care and that will result in a poor result, aesthetically and in sales price.


Relevant Experience

Just like in any decision made around your home when it comes to work being done, you want someone; no, you need someone with relevant experience.

You’re not hiring an electrician to fix your pipes are you? The same applies here.

Look for a property styling Ivanhoe expert who can show you a portfolio of homes like yours and has achieved the results you’re after – this is the key to a successful property styling.


Communication Skills

Similar to all relationships in life and/or business, the key to success is communication.

Ensure when your property styling expert has their passion and excitement for your project that they also bring the ability to communicate their every intention your way.

While this may be something that is hard to gauge prior to hiring, it’s always best to send a few emails and make phone calls before hand to see their response time and professionalism in the way they write which will help see if they’re the right fit for you.


Budget / Affordability

Everyone will be different on this one but ultimately it’s one simple question – “Can I afford this particular property stylist?”

When making the hiring decision it goes both ways because your property stylist won’t be wanting to work on a project they can’t give 110% too due to a minimal budget.

Just remember, think twice and get quotes.

Don’t waste your time or theirs.


Agree on a Target Audience

Overall the main goal with property styling Toorak is to make your property sell for the best price on sale day and that makes perfect sense but also means it’s a service you can look at as an investment.

But like all businesses that sell something, you’ll want to aim your home at a specific target audience to appeal and sell too.

Your property stylist should have an excellent grasp of who your target audience is going to be but this is a discussion that should be had prior to commitment and you’ll want to be on the same wave length.


Trust & Freedom

One last thing that you’re going to have to be confident to give your property styling expert is the freedom to get on with the job and that’s going to take one thing from you, trust.

While it may be hard with your home being your pride and joy – if they tick the above 5 boxes you can be sure that they will be deserving of this last one.


Who Will Be Your Property Stylist?

Here at Zenza we’re extremely confident we can tick all 6 boxes for your property styling Melbourne project but we’ll let you make that decision for yourself.

If you’re ready to discuss your next project get in-touch today and lets get you the best sales price possible today.