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Melbourne Property Styling - Is It For You? The FAQs.

The experienced team here at Zenza completely understands that not everyone will instantly believe property styling for their Melbourne properties will have great benefits.

At Zenza we truly believe the property styling we do for our clients properties won't just make their life easier but will also add value to their life – financially and emotionally.

Financially by increasing the value of their properties and emotionally by taking away the stress that will inevitably be faced during the sales process.

This is why Zenza has compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding property styling to determine whether or not property styling is for you and your situation.

Can I Expect to Increase The Sale Value of My Property?

At Zenza we truly believe this answer to be a simple, yes.

By choosing to undertake property styling services, statistics show that styling will increase the value of a property on average between 7 – 17%.

Selling a property is like selling a car, you need to have it looking at it's best to all potential buyers to increase their interest and their financial limit for making the purchase.

Who Should My Property Be Styled to Appeal Too?

This is not a "one size fits all answer".

Every property will have a different target demographic to which the property will most appeal too.

What is important to remember here is you want to stylize as broadly as possible, to create as much interest as possible for the property to ensure you're not cutting out possible buyers by not appealing to their tastes.

Through Zenza's experience and unique global range of furniture and accessories - we are able to work with any budget to create a tailor made property to suit all broad demographics and assist you in receiving the best price come sale day.

Can I Expect a Faster Sale Period From Property Styling?

Absolutely. Real Estate Agents have reported that the average time on the market for homes that have undertaken property styling are able to sell in a mere 33 days on average compared to 90+ days for homes that have not been styled.

This will give you the chance to move on with the next stage of your life quicker and it will also mean less mortgage repayments on a property you no longer wish to own.

Do I Need to Remove All My Current Furniture & Décor?

This is a personal choice.

While it is suggested that you do allow your Melbourne property stylist to conduct a complete property styling on your house from entry to the rear door - it is definitely not essential.

Zenza completely understands that everyone has a budget to work with and will be more than happy to utilize your current furniture and décor to create a stylized property for your sale.

The main goal here is to create a property that will appeal to a broad demographic and display to your potential buyer that they are purchasing a brand new home, not something pre-owned.

The more your potential buyer can connect with the property and imagine themselves living in it, the higher the chance your sale price will come in where you want it or even above.

Where Can I get Started?

Now that you've determined that you need to get in-touch with a Melbourne property stylist to increase your properties sale price and speed in which your property will sell – head over to Zenza’s contact page and fill out an enquiry today.

Zenza will be in-touch with you to discuss your property styling needs and turn this stressful occasion into a pleasant one. Ensuring you’ve done everything possible to fetch the highest sale price on Auction day.