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Are You Ready To Choose Your Real Estate Stylist Prahran? The 5 Point Check-List

After weeks, months or maybe a year of pondering the idea, you've finally decided to bite the bullet and throw away all the excuses like "I'll wait for the market to improve" or "I just need to renovate one more room so it’s perfect" and come to the conclusion that it is indeed – time to sell.

You’re also pretty aware that to get the best result for your property that it only makes sense to get in the best property stylists Toorak has to offer to ensure on sale day you fetch the highest price possible.

Which is where your next question will stem from and you’ll ask “How do I know which property stylists South Yarra has are best for me?”

Scary question indeed, especially when you weigh up the fact that you’ve most likely never gone through this experience, you’re worried about all the costs involved and all you really want is your property to not sit on the market for 120 days.

So when you’re deciding which real estate stylist to pick ensure they tick these 5 boxes to be deserving of your time and money.


1. Credentials

This may seem the obvious one so we’ll place it right here at the top.

It’s crucial that when doing your research regarding the choosing of your property stylist that you know exactly what you’re getting and the only thing you should be getting is this – a qualified property stylist.

Find out where they studied, how long they’ve been in the industry and ensure that you’re not investing in a fraud, time spent now is money saved later so do your research.


2. Testimonials / Previous Success Stories with Figures

Sticking with the theme of credentials, nothing gives a company or individual more credibility than a solid testimonial.

Think about the last tradesman you probably used and how you sourced him or her. Our guess is that you definitely got their details from a friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend if you know what we mean.

It works for this scenario too. Ask your potential stylist for testimonials or referrals and ensure you here nothing but raving reviews.

Secondly, see if you can actually see proof of their investment on your bottom line.

While a property stylist will make your house look beautiful, proof of making someone else more profit too in their sale will be that icing on the cake to seal the deal and make it all a little less scary and stressful.


3. Gallery of Work

Simply put, all creative will need to have galleries or portfolios of their work.

Probably something they will want to show off proudly but on the off chance they can’t show examples of their work, this is a red flag moment and where you walk away.

It’s 2014 and anyone in business should have a website/blog/portfolio at the ready for you to see straight away to analyze and decide if their work is the right fit for you.


4. Do They Fit Your Style?

This is almost more of a question for yourself but once you get the chance to view your stylist’s gallery you should also be thinking does their style of styling fit my goal and taste.

Remember the overall goal is to appeal to a large audience for sale but if you find a real estate stylist hawthorn who seems too specific in their ways, that will be cutting out 50% of your buyers which will most likely lower your sale price.


5. Professionalism

The final tick of approval and final question – is this property stylists South Yarra service professional?

If they tick the above 4, chances are they’re right on the money so do some final tests to make sure.

Send detailed emails and gauge the response time you get, the in-depth answers and how much of a forward thinker they are with your needs.

A professional property stylist will be ready to answer all your questions in-depth and take this scary and intimidating experience and turn it into a blissful investment that makes you want to do it again.


Are You Ready to Sell?

If it’s now sale time Zenza wants you to ask those 5 questions and make your decision.

If you want to save time we can say the team here at Zenza will tick all 5 and you can send us an email here to get in-touch with us today and we’ll fetch you the best sales price the market has to offer.