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What Summer Events Are Perfect for Furniture Hire Melbourne?

Summer is definitely that time of year where it doesn’t matter where you are in the world; everyone is just happier and more upbeat.

There is more to do, more to see and you don’t need to worry about getting drenched or covered in snow (for all you up there in the northern hemisphere).

You just get out and about, flaunt some skin and look and feel your best – who doesn’t like being able to do that right? Exactly.

It’s also a perfect time to start looking into modern furniture hire Melbourne among other furniture styles as the summer period here in Australia opens up an array of events that are perfect for the opportunity to make your event look and feel the best, maybe even utilizing some Vintage furniture hire Melbourne too.

Here at Zenza we decided to let you in on the obvious events that can benefit from quality furniture hire as well as the not so obvious - lets get started.

The Obvious Furniture Hire Events:

1. Work Break-Up Parties

Your employees have been working so hard for your business or organization all year round and it’s time to truly celebrate with them.

Nothing says, “we’re grateful for the year that’s been” better than an all out event including the best furniture Melbourne has to offer.
Even allow yourself to go one step further with that themed look and utilize Vintage furniture, your guests will love it.

2. Christmas Day

Got all the relatives coming down to Melbourne from interstate? We wouldn’t have enough furniture just lying around the house to compensate either.

Christmas truly is the perfect event to go out there and hire the furniture you wish you had on a daily basis and really impress the relatives!

3. New Years Eve / New Years Day

For most people this can be the biggest part of the year and if you’re hosting this one in-house - you don’t want to be disappointing your guests.

While eventually they may drink enough to not remember your $2 fold up chairs from The Reject Shop, you’ll want to wow them from the get go and nothing will do that better than a themed event utilizing quality furniture hire.

4. Engagement Parties & Weddings

Lastly in our obvious list of events we’d like to take into account “the summer of love” which is basically, every summer.

This is now the perfect time for engagement parties and of course for those who have already had the ring on their finger for quite some time - the wedding.

If you’re planning or getting one planned for you, be sure to only allow the best furniture hire Melbourne has to offer at your events.

The Not So Obvious Furniture Hire Events:

1. Australia Day Celebrations

Here in Australia it’s pretty obvious we love our days in the sun and what better day than January 26th or as we know it – Australia Day.

Get the friends and family around for a BBQ, wow them with your perfectly planned furniture layout for their comfort and have Triple J’s Hottest 100 going all day – simply perfect.

2. Summer Festivals

Following in the theme of being Aussie, it’s quite obvious a lot of Australians find great joy in loud music, good people and good alcohol.

A summer festival is the perfect time to enjoy all three and why not even making it better by doing in style with the latest quality furniture hire Melbourne has to offer.

3. Australian Open Viewing Party

This one may only appeal to a select few but for those who love the tennis you can never be uncomfortable while watching that ball go from side to side for hours on end so why not have the best modern furniture hire Melbourne can provide.

Are You Ready for The Heat?

The summer season is here so which event or events will you find yourself and your family partaking in that will need the best furniture hire Melbourne has to offer?

Contact Zenza today to find out how we can best assist you and your event and we’ll make this summer a season not to forget.