5 top tips for property styling

The experienced team at Zenza always follow these rules when presenting a property for sale. These simple tips will help increase buyer interest of your property and create that memorable wow factor that helps people fall in love with a property and ultimately leads to a great result on auction day.

Step 1

maximise light

In order to bring more natural light into a room, add a mirror over a fireplace or lean a large floor mirror against a wall. Mirrors reflect light so that it bounces around a room making the room appear larger and brighter. To lighten up a dull corner, add a beautiful statement floor lamp.

“make a space appear larger
and brighter by bouncing light
around the room”

step 2


A room that is cluttered with too much furniture or accessories will often feel darker and smaller. De-cluttering not only makes the room lighter and brighter but also allows you to see beautiful features that might have otherwise been hidden – like this fireplace.

find a
hidden gem

Step 3

maximise space

In a small space, use lighter colour fabrics with glass table-tops and add a pop of colour with scatter cushions and accessories. Steer clear of dark fabrics and heavy dark wooden furniture; it will only make your space feel closed-in and small.

add a pop of colour
with cushions
and accessories


step 4

keep in mind the potential buyer

When styling a property for sale we are always thinking of the buyer. Choose furniture pieces that reflect the demographic of the target market. If it’s a family home we will always do a fun kids bedroom as well as a more sophisticated master suite. By styling each room to suit the buyer, people begin to imagine they would like to live there.

“reflect the demographic
of the target market so the buyer
can imagine living in the space”

step 5

create a home not a styled space

Zenza does more than just add furniture to an empty room. We lovingly select beautiful accessories to complement the style of the house and the furniture to make the space feel like a home.

small details
make your space
feel like a home