Vintage furniture 5 reasons

5 Reasons You Need Vintage Furniture Hire To Sell Your Property

Whether you’re at the point of selling your property or just in the research phase, there will be a lot of steps that you will need to involve yourself in to get from your current situation to the end goal – selling your property for maximum value.

Zenza wholeheartedly believe that first step will be to understand the benefits that will come from getting your house property styled in preparation for your sale but the obvious question is - what kind of furniture should you use?

While Zenza can assist you with making that decision, we would also like to present to you 5 reasons we believe you must incorporate vintage furniture and the benefits vintage furniture can offer.

1. Showcasing Excellent Craftsmanship & Design

Vintage & Antique furniture showcases some of the best craftsmanship and design that the interior design world has ever seen.

Incorporating vintage furniture into your property will display taste and a respect for quality.

This further translates into giving your prospective buyers that same feeling about the whole property, not just the furniture. This is beneficial for creating emotional attachment and a higher desire to purchase the property.

2. Contrasts Well With Modern Furniture

Sometimes old and new simply don’t mix but with vintage & antique furniture – this doesn’t have to be the case.

By adding vintage furniture into your modern property you allow your property to display some contrast and also appeal to more than one pool of buyers.

What’s right for some may not be right for all and by allowing for some contrast - both parties will be able to visualize what it would be like to live in your property.

3. They Benefit The Environment

It may sound a little farfetched but it’s true.

Like everything in this day and age the more we can reuse, recycle and ultimately create less throw away items, the better it will be for our environment.

Incorporating vintage and antique furniture into your home - will show you care about the environment and your carbon footprint – this can only be a positive for your prospective buyers.

4. Trend Proof

Face it; Antiques and vintage items are trend proof.

They can be used at any time of the year, in any property and always will be. These items wouldn’t still be relevant and appealing in 2014 if they were going to become out dated – how many other furniture products can you think of that will last all the current and future furniture trends?

That’s what we thought.

5. They Tell A Story To Your Prospective Buyer

Everyone loves a story. Every single person in this world loves a good story and antique furniture will never be without one.

Who was the craftsman? What year was it made? What kinds of materials were used? How was it made due to the lack of technology in that period of time?

These questions will intrigue your prospective buyer and only get them more interested in you and your property, plus they’re a great ice-breaker if you need to build some rapport with your prospective buyers.

What Will You Be Using In Your Property?

Zenza now hopes you can clearly understand the many benefits that will come with incorporating vintage and antique furniture hire into your property styling.

Contact us here today to let us know all about your property and styling goals so we can discuss which antique furniture will work best for you and your property.